Motoguzzi V9 Bobber

Original Accessories Moto Guzzi h2>


An accessory Moto Guzzi is genuine only if it is thought, designed, engineered by the same hand that gave the bikes a unique DNA and recognizable. A Moto Guzzi accessory is original only when granting these bikes to continue to be protected, protected, assisted. A Moto Guzzi accessory is original only if your bike does get so personal feel yourself part of the legend. But if so, it's just call it an accessory. It's for your "Original Moto Guzzi" that will recognize your passion. They will respect your bike. P>

Motoitalia Prodigium and protect the originality of all strong> accessories in this category. Beware of imitations, we sell online since 2004. P>