Moto Guzzi Genuine Parts

Here you can only find on Italian Moto Moto Guzzi genuine parts sold by the Piaggio group. H2>

Moto Europa guarantees the originality of all parts sold on our site and is on hand to answer any questions on the installation, the selection and, in case I still difficult to mount your parts or accessories, to offer convenient service of "assembly workshop" in Gorla Maggiore. p>

On the Internet you can sometimes come across on the market and tempting offers for the purchase of spare parts for your beloved Moto Guzzi or maintenance. P>

Unfortunately, in some cases, behind these deals are hiding counterfeit parts, such as brake pads and brake discs, filters and spark plugs. Who buys them forget that they are almost always of dubious quality and safety products. P>

It is often very difficult to distinguish a counterfeit parts from an original, because the counterfeiting of genuine parts can take several forms: Total Forgery, in the case of products using the same brand and are visually similar to the imitated product. p>

Infringement of intellectual property rights, and in particular the mark rights: use of the brand with products that are or may be entirely different from those marketed under legitimate brand. P>

Counterfeiting approval / certification shall be marked or declared quality certifications and / or European approvals without these have actually been obtained. P>

Quality Forgery, in the case of quality statements and / or features not true. P>

Your safety, the safety of those around you is very important for us. P>