Moto Guzzi Prime Service
The "Prime service" service identifies a certified assistance point and center of excellence in the technical intervention provided to your Moto Guzzi of all ages.La tua Moto Guzzi sarà gestita esclusivamente con ricambi originali.Prime Service contempla avanzati sistemi di diagnostica compiuta da personale tecnico qualificato, garantendo la massima funzionalità e sicurezza del veicolo dopo gli interventi di manutenzione e riparazione.Prime Service è trasparenza del servizio nel pieno rispetto della normativa ambientale.
Accessories assembly service

At our authorized workshop you can safely carry out the ordinary and extraordinary interventions for your beloved Moto Guzzi . State-of-the-art equipment and thirty years of experience for diagnosing your beautiful Moto Guzzi bikes of all ages.

Moto Guzzi Original Spare Parts and accessories

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Strictly single-brand since 1982!

Moto Italia staff wishes you a good navigation: on our site you can find the best products for your moto guzzi, at affordable prices and receive them comfortably at your home . On our website you can find our updated catalog and take advantage of all the offers dedicated to online customers. If you are near Varese, Milan or Como , come and visit us! We are about 30km from the main provincial capitals. You will find a familiar environment where your Guzzi are treated like daughters.

Colombo Roberto known as "the Monza" hasn't missed a specialization course for about 30 years. Last month he was updating for the latest addition to Moto Guzzi: the V85 TT.
We have the largest catalog dedicated to Moto Guzzi and, having been Moto Guzzi single-make dealers for many years, we have in assortment many items and accessories from past years ( now unavailable).

We can say that we are one of the best online stores of accessories, clothing and spare parts of the legendary Moto Guzzi.
Here our customers can go shopping in total safety and comfort. A historic brand, but supported by the best technology of the moment.

Moto Guzzi technical clothing

A selection of technical garments from the Mandello del Lario.

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